We stock a wide range of foods from suppliers including Traidcraft, Suma, Zaytoun, Equal Exchange, North East Organic Growers and other ethical and local producers.

We hope to demonstrate that it is possible to have a healthy relationship with nature and each other while providing good quality, well produced foods from local sources and from further afield.

Traid Craft promote fair trade in all that they do and their main office and warehouse is based in Gateshead, just across the mighty Tyne from us. You can see more about them here; If you see anything on their website that you like us to stock or order specifically for you, just ask.

Suma are a workers co-op and provide many of our food products. More info here;

Suma represent a positive way of working within their cooperatively owned business, with their suppliers and with us, their retailers. We love working with them and are happy to order in bulk supplies for anyone locally who feels this is more sustainable way to shop.

If you are interested in setting up a local food co-op and would like us to help, just get in touch or drop in.

We will do what ever we can to help others help us promote an alternative economic system that puts people, love and compassion before the needs of corporate profits. If you have an idea that fits with our ethics or are running a project with similar aims… give us a shout… working together makes us more than the sum of our individual efforts.