Ethically sourced clothes

We sell clothes from Thought clothing (formally Braintree clothes).

If you see something on their website and would like to try it on before you buy, ask us and we may be able to order it in. If you decide you don’t want it after trying it on, we will add it to our shop stock.

We love the approach of Thought clothing. They have a positive ethical policy on the materials they use, how they are grown, on the way that the clothes are made and the conditions for the workers making them and the way they deal with people like us, their retailers.

We also have a range of the Thought Clothing Bamboo socks. They are really comfy and ethically sourced they are less demanding than growing cotton. We often have them on sale at a cheaper price than most other shops… pop in and check.

The ethics of our suppliers is important us… we hope it is to you too.